5 Tips To Choose a Good Headset


  In this post, I will tell you how to buy a good headset. What you need to know before buying the best headset. I am the biggest fan of gaming headset. You can read more about tips to choose the best gaming headset.

Microsoft Evangelism Academy – Day 3

Big presentations, feedback, spruiking from an impromptu soapbox and getting moved on by security…Day 3 of the Evangelism Academy had it all! Phew. Well, a most amazing and anjoyable three days has wrapped up, and my head feels like it’s been pummeled with a bag…

The iPad dilemma – the consumerisation of enterprise

I recently wrote a piece on the influx of consumer technology into enterprise IT, and some of the hidden problems which (from my experience so far) most businesses are failing to address. The original piece was more general in tone, looking at ALL personal devices rather than…