My Podcasts

Podcasts are one of those aspects of online media which I simultaneously love and loathe. I loathe them because there is nothing worse than listening to 30 minutes of opinionated drivel which you really, really hoped would improve but then it didn’t and now you can’t get those 30 minutes of your life back….which is also the way I feel each and every time I see advertising, except there my expectations are lower still.

And I love them because there are thousands of people out there working hard on topics which I find very interesting, and with just a few clicks, a little bandwidth and a smidgeon of storage I can benefit from their knowledge and experience from the comfort of my own desk. Nice.

So…the podcasts which make it onto my list have to offer something special because I don’t have that much free time to listen to them and I have a really, really short attention span. Here’s my list, which I will update as changes happen:

Also, because I have a number of machines which I use regularly and don’t like not being able to access something simply because I downloaded it somewhere else, I use myPodder on a portable USB drive. I’m not wholly convinced that it’s the best arrangement possible, but it’s working so far.