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Welcome to the first video in the Talking IT with James Bannan series, where I catch up with various movers and shakers in the IT industry and talk about geek stuff for a while.

This video is with John Pritchard, Optimised Desktop Specialist with Microsoft Australia. John ran the Perth and Adelaide sessions of Microsoft latest round of free workshops for IT professionals. The first round occurred earlier this year and revolved around Microsoft’s virtualisation technologies – specifically Hyper-V and SCVMM. The latest round is all about Application Compatibility.

Microsoft are seeing customers expressing plenty of reservations about their existing suite of applications which need to be supported on Windows 7, and are looking for as many resources and as much guidance as possible to overcome and lingering issues and migrate to Windows 7.

There are two sessions left – one in Melbourne and the other in Canberra. Jeff Alexander has blogged about the details, and you use the details on his site to register. For any IT professional involved in deploying Windows 7, these workshops are a great resource and well worth the time (especially as they don’t cost anything!).

For those of you who couldn’t make the sessions but who are interested in the content, Microsoft will be making the slide decks available online (and potentially an audio recording too) and I’ll link to them as well once they are available.

In the meantime, enjoy the conversation with John Pritchard, where we chat about the current state of Windows 7 deployment and what resources are available to customers looking to speed up their deployment projects.

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