Microsoft Evangelism Academy – Day 2

Day 2 of the Microsoft Evangelism Academy has wrapped up and all the attendees are feeling a bit mentally worse for wear, having ingested a massive cocktail of excellent tips and tricks.  But, no rest for any of us, as Day 3 will be the culmination of everything we’ve learned thus far as we present in front of the group, trainers AND Andrew Coates!

But what was on the menu today?

  • The art of story-telling – having a good, relevant and interesting story will help your presentation considerably, but you will need a few up your sleeve AND know how to link them back to the point you’re making
  • Props and visuals – take control of your environment and own the space, rearrange things if needs be and carry a “presenter’s kit” with all the things you assume will be provided (but which may not be)
  • Linking concepts – being able to think fast on your feet when delivering unprepared content, just…keep…talking
  • “Handling” questions – you don’t always have to answer them, especially when you’re on the receiving end of a tirade from a “look at me!” audience member

I was also pleased to discover that my mobile uploaded footage taken on the new Flip MinoHD to Vimeo at quite a brisk pace, so I was able to get content out during the sessions.

Video 1 – 3 Tips For Gestures

Gestures are really important for presenting well – here are 3 which will come in useful:

Video 2 – Anecdotes

Wasn’t expecting to be on the spot like this, but here’s my presentation anecdote along with group feedback and a second shot at nailing it:

Video 3 – Concepts

Get two words thrown at you and create a link – my two were “Italy” and “kangaroos”

That’s a wrap for Day 2 – stay tuned for all the heady excitement (and palm-sweating stress) of Day 3!

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